Guinea Pigs as Pets

The Guinea Pig, not a pig at all but a rodent is a small animal that weighs in at about ten inches and will grow up to about three pounds at the most. They are slightly rounded in nature and come in multiple varieties and colors.

The Guinea pig, like dogs and cats can have many different varieties of hair, such as short haired with a very smooth silky coat, short haired with rough coats, the small sworl haired Guinea Pigs, which are called Abyssinian and the very long haired Peruvian variety.

Guinea pigs make excellent pets and will become very affectionate if they are handled a great deal. They become accustomed to treats from people and will actively seek and expect that behavior from an owner.

Guinea Pigs, like dogs are very social. They do like company so keeping pairs of them is sometimes in order. A pair of females will do well together, a breeding pair will also, but while two males may be fine companions, they may also decide they don’t like each other and fight quite viciously.

Guinea Pigs are not like many other smaller animals that may live a year or so and then expire. They tend to be a much longer commitment in time, and some will live as long as ten year’s time, although the average is about 6-8 years.

Guinea pigs make excellent small pets. While they do take some care, they are usually very quiet pets, don’t require a lot of space, can be trained, rarely bite or misbehave and will become very tame and even affectionate with a lot of handling and interaction.

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